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a story about a woman having an emotional breakdown on the subway when a stranger holds her hand and tries to comfort her. a film critic gets contacted by someone who has found his lost phone, and the good samaritan happens to be the owner of a BBQ restaurant! strangers help a man dig his car out of a snow mound, and then start a snowball fight a woman gets separated from her son on the subway, and a stranger helps her find him. A woman gets helped across an icy sludge pool by Harvey Fierstein! A woman ill prepared for winter shivers on the train when a stranger offers to help warm her feet.

If you pick up the newest issue of Time Out New York today, you’ll see some drawings I did, illustrating some anecdotes of people being nice to each other in NYC (including one story that involved a cameo by Harvey Fierstein).  Thanks to AD Sarah Mulligan for the fun assignment :)

I met some Sailor Scouts

I went with friends to the Sailor Moon art show at Q Pop gallery last night. I don’t usually upload personal blog posts recapping activities I did over the weekend, but this is art related and it was a great show, so voila! I bought a print by Kassandra Houghton and ogled a bunch of others by some really great artists. If you are in LA, I recommend you check it out!

JKJKJK, I love it here, LA is wonderful, I’m just missing my friends back in NYC a lot.


I drew a piece for the New York Times about infamous Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, appearing in tomorrow’s Dealbook.  Thanks to AD Jennifer Daniel :)

The Craft is one of my favorite movies, so I had to pay homage with some fan art.

FKA Twigs fan arts. I love everything she’s been making lately. I can’t wait for her album!

I drew a LE1F fan art.  I’ve been listening to his new EP “Hey”, it makes for good drawing music :)

Thinkin about Spirited Away

Dragon Ball fan art. I just wanna keep drawing this all day.

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