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JKJKJK, I love it here, LA is wonderful, I’m just missing my friends back in NYC a lot.

If you’re in LA and you are looking for something to do for Valentines Day, I’ll be doing a comics reading at Giant Robot, along with a bunch of great cartoonists.  Come out, it will be fun, and our laughter can stifle the thumping of our cold dead hearts

I’m settling into L.A., enjoying the sun and drawing things I have to keep secret for a while.  SOON SOON SOON.

SNACKIES book is coming…

"New Voicemails" - 2013

I participated in my first ever comics reading this past weekend at KGB Bar, and it was so much fun!  I made this short comic about the voicemails my mom leaves me.  Here’s a clip I edited together with the audio from the reading along with the drawings I projected on the screen. 

Thanks to everyone who came to the reading!  And special thanks to Chandler Moses for recording the reading and thus providing the audio for this clip!



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Frontier is a quarterly art and comics monograph series, with each issue highlighting the exciting and challenging new work by a single artist. The printing and look of each issue will change to match the style of art.


Frontier #3: Sascha Hommer: Feb 2014 
The next issue collects three comics by German cartoonist Sascha Hommer, marking his first English-language publication. Sascha’s comics marry geometric settings, familiar (but alien) cartoony figurines, and heavy tones, summoning an image of Charles Burns and Charles Schultz hanging out in Yuichi Yokoyama’s living room. You don’t know his name yet, but that will change soon.

Translated by Drawn & Quarterly’s talented translator, and hand-lettered by Sascha himself. 32 pages, color and b&w.

Frontier #4: Ping Zhu: April/May 2014 
A monograph featuring new work of Brooklyn illustrator Ping Zhu! Ping is an extremely talented and versatile illustrator with an astounding sense of color and figures, as well as the creator of Ugly Drawings Tumblr. Her illustrations and paintings have been seen in the New York Times, New Yorker, Pushkin Press, and Nobrow Press. Check out Ping’s site for more! 32 pages, color.

Frontier #5: Sam Alden: September 2014 
Sam is one of the most interesting new voices in comics of recent memory, creating kinetic stories that often mix nostalgia and challenging topics with formal / visual experimentation. Frontier #5: Sam Alden will featuring a brand new comic from this rising cartoonist wunderkind. 32 pages, Risograph-printed.

Frontier #6: TBA: November 2014 
The artist will be announced in early 2014!

Youth In Decline coming strong!

Just finished reading Battling Boy by Paul Pope.  I thought the details in the environments were really inspiring, and I love how it felt like Pope’s signature kinetic movement mixed with like a modern Roy Crane/Milton Caniff energy.  Anyway, I liked it a lot!  Go read it!

The Comic Arts Brooklyn Festival was a great success!  I had a lot of fun meeting people and seeing all the inspiring work everyone has been doing.  Also, I sold out of the first run of Maui Prime!  I’ll be printing more soon (If you want a copy, send me an email or a message in my ask box, and I can better estimate how large this next print run should be). 

Here are the spreads from the zine.  I had a lot of fun making this one, and I think I’d like to do more small micro zines of drawings in the future. 

Here are some shots of my new zine "Maui Prime: A Visitor’s Guide".  Pick it up this weekend at CAB, I’m at table D23!

Here are some WIP shots of my new zine, Maui Prime.  I’m trying a new thing for my process with this one.  Im doing rough thumbs in photoshop to block out compositions, then i print those on computer paper, tighten up the pencils ( but still keep them pretty rough), and then I’m going to lightbox those and ink the pages on bristol paper.  So far its given me much more freedom to mess around in the pencilling phase, and I’m hoping this will give me more leeway if I make a mistake inking.

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