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SNACKIES is off to the printers now, and here’s the cover. 88 pages, 2-color interiors, debuting at SPX from Youth In Decline!

Finished drawing my tiny book.  Expect come Snackies updates soon.

Coming so soon…..so so soon……

I drew a pin up for Double + , a comic by Ben Sears.  You can read some of it now at Studygroup, and pick up the print version at SPX!

What a fun game!

Thanks to Rob Clough for the kind words about my Snackies comics!  

Thinking about my next possible project and doing some late night sketches

I saw Amazing Spider-Man 2 yesterday, and it inspired me to draw this comic. 

JKJKJK, I love it here, LA is wonderful, I’m just missing my friends back in NYC a lot.

If you’re in LA and you are looking for something to do for Valentines Day, I’ll be doing a comics reading at Giant Robot, along with a bunch of great cartoonists.  Come out, it will be fun, and our laughter can stifle the thumping of our cold dead hearts

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