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You can now read a 12 page preview of Snackies and PRE-ORDER a copy over at the Youth in Decline site.  The book will be debuting on September 13-14 at the Small Press Expo, and then shipping to stores and online orders at the end of September.

If you’re attending SPX this year, please stop by the Youth in Decline table and say hey!  Along with the Snackies collection, I’ll likely have a new print or sketch zine (or, maybe BOTH)

SNACKIES is off to the printers now, and here’s the cover. 88 pages, 2-color interiors, debuting at SPX from Youth In Decline!

Finished drawing my tiny book.  Expect come Snackies updates soon.

Coming so soon…..so so soon……

I drew a pin up for Double + , a comic by Ben Sears.  You can read some of it now at Studygroup, and pick up the print version at SPX!

What a fun game!

Thanks to Rob Clough for the kind words about my Snackies comics!  

Thinking about my next possible project and doing some late night sketches

I saw Amazing Spider-Man 2 yesterday, and it inspired me to draw this comic. 

JKJKJK, I love it here, LA is wonderful, I’m just missing my friends back in NYC a lot.

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